Trumpers tea is committed to working with the communities behind the brand.  So while we are passionate about the quality of our tea, our ethical values guide the approach to our business. 

Trade is often not fair and we want to try and do our bit to change that.  We understand the unpredictability of agricultural markets that are dependent on many factors such as climate change, soil conditions and political pressures but we buy from farmers that meet the highest quality standards based on sound business ethics.   

Across the world, farmers face the same challenges of rising costs for food and fuel but buying responsibly, ensuring that a minimum price is paid that covers the farmers cost of production, allows them to develop and grow a sustainable business.

Such a business supports a happy, growing community into the future providing funding, training and assistance for farmers and their families.  A thriving tea factory can support minimum wages, school and health projects alongside good housing, water and sanitation. 

From years of project work across Africa and Asia we’ve got to know the people that produce our tea and we can share their stories with you.  The uniqueness of Claire’s professional experience is rooted in her involvement in the social and environmental issues surrounding tea, enabling her to work with producers to benefit both sides.